Club Picnic & Ride Day – July 8, 2017

Saturday July 8th, we will be holding our Annual Ride Day/Picnic.  This years event is being held at Perris MX and is open to MEMBERS and Immediate family ONLY!

The cost for anyone riding is $10.  If you have a friend who wants to ride, they must join the OTHG PRIOR TO JULY 8th, preferably online so there is no delay.  There will be an up to date member list at the gate, so if your name is not on it, you will not be allowed in.  Membership in the OTHG is like carrying the American Express card.  “Membership has it privileges!”  We will see everyone (who is a member) on Saturday July 8th at Perris MX!   (Click here for official flyer)

We’ll have a 50/50 drawing, onsite taco vendor and a team race!

The team race is a club favorite and we hope everyone will get into a 4-person team!  (1) Master/Expert, (1) Intermediate, (1) Novice, (1) Beginner

One team rider at a time for one lap only, then hand off to next rider.  Everyone races a total of two laps! Team rider order will be Master/Expert, Intermediate, Novice, Beginner.  No cost team signup will be at the track!

Perris Raceway: Web site