The Over The Hill Gang is one of the largest Veteran Motocross Clubs in the country. Established in 1974, based in Southern California, with a five-chapter (South, Sierra, Reno, Bay, Valley) membership of over 700 Veteran Motocross racers.

OTHG holds motocross races at a wide variety of tracks in Southern California, such as Glen Helen Raceway, Milestone, 333 MX, Perris Raceway, Sunrise, REM, Competitive Edge and DT1 MX Park. Additional tracks may be added during the year.

We normally race on Sundays, twice a month. The club has five classifications of riders, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Master. The OTHG is open to racers 30 years old and older and we feature classes for 30+, 38+, 45+, 52+ and 58+ age groups.  We also run support classes for all ages and ability so the whole family can come out and race!  Many members choose to run both regular class and support for the maximum fun factor!

Our goal is for a rider to have fun and to be competitive in his/her class.  To accomplish this, a new member’s first two events are for evaluation only and they do receive points during this two race period toward their end of year ranking!  Our race director monitors all new riders and current riders for proper class placement.   Riders will be evaluated based on the facts available (race finish, gaps before/after, lap times, etc.) and will be promoted to the appropriate class during the race year so that the rider is in the best fit classification.  Points are awarded for all race results and events attended with totals being maintained for the year-end awards at our annual OTHG banquet, which is usually held in January the following year for us the South chapter.

Each chapter operates independently. Each chapter hosts one invitational (National) race per year, with separate national points being maintained, and year-end standings are recognized that effort!  It’s a five race series and every national counts towards the National #1 title!  National #1 riders get the run the special red background the following year to proudly show their accomplishment!

Take a moment to download the membership application here or from the main page menu “Membership”.  Fill it out and mail it or just bring it to signups at your first race!

Thank you for taking a look with us today and we hope you’ll come out and experience a great day of fun with us!   You’ll find the Over The Hill Gang to be safest and most fun place to race in the West!

The Premier Vet MX Club