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OTHG Race @ Glen Helen – hosted by SRA

Results & Laptimes

Due to overwhelming positive response from our members and our previous SRA event earlier year, our next summer series event will be with the SRA at Glen Helen!   This time we will have our own 45-minute plus 1 lap GP moto for all OTHG racers!

According to the SRA web site, our moto is scheduled for 11:45am 11:15 am start time.  It’s highly recommended to arrive before the 8am practice because there will not be any other open practice time before our race!

There will be separate starting line groupings (Expert/Master, Int, Nov, Beg, Women).  The OTHG Race director will coordinate the start line groupings on race day based upon rider classification and turnout.  Please arrive early to the start straight before the start time!

If you’ve never raced and SRA GP event, you are in for a treat!  It is a live engine, left hand on helmet start!  The track is drawn out over the Motocross track, and over to the Truck track and sometimes there’s a route through the REM side.  It’s different every race and the course is not set by SRA until late Saturday afternoon.  Come on out for a 1 and yur done moto experience!

Check the SRA web site for more details or the Glen Helen web site.

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july4 Flag and Rider

OTHG Race @ Glen Helen/REM track INFO

Results & Laptimes

Fourth of July weekend we’ll be racing on the REM track at Glen Helen raceway!  This track is all about riding technique! With few jumps  and a technical/challenging track make it a fun place to push your skills!  This will be the third race of 2014 Summer Series – best 4 of 5 races count!  We look forward to seeing you at the races!

Here’s the weekend info:

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OTHG Race @ AV Motoplex on 6-22-14 INFO

Results  & Laptimes

Round 2 of the 2014 Summer Series is coming to AV Motoplex in Lancaster CA just off I-14 and Avenue H!  You can see the track from the freeway!

The AV track has a mix of sand/dirt that they’ve formed into a challenging and rewarding design.  There’s even a split section of the track which brings interesting racing as riders choose one side or the other then come back together into the main track!  Come join us at AV Motoplex!

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TC41 Canard 2014

2014 OTHG Bay National Info

The Bay National will be held at the Hollister Hills Grand Prix Race track on August 30th & 31st!  There will be Friday practice too.  This is the 3rd installment of the 2014 OTHG National Series… come on out and support the South!

Note: The US Forest Service will inspect every bike and must pass a 99db sound check before entry on to the track!

You can use the following link to register for the 2014 Bay National Online Pre-Entry w/Paypal  ~ Pre-Entry is open until August 20 2014.

Note: Unless you complete your paypal payment before the August 20th deadline, your online registration will be considered incomplete and you will need to signup during Post Entry.

Use this link for the mail-in form: 2014 Bay National Entry Mail in Form

Weekend details:

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